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Women and men who are not overweight but have isolated areas of fat that they cannot get rid of through diet and exercise are good candidates for liposuction. Liposuction is not effective for cellulite or striae. In fact, there is NO proven treatment for cellulite ; do not waste your money on these so-called cellulite treatments.

Liposuction can be effective on many areas of the body : arms, abdomen, hips, thighs, calves, ankles. The best results can be achieved from this procedure if the fat is well-localized and the skin has good tone and plasticity, helping to achieve a smooth result following fat suctioning.

During consultation, Dr. Nicolaidis will assess the quality of the skin and may ask how areas of localized fat were affected by weight loss in the past.

When considering alternatives to liposuction in Montreal, “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”. There are numerous expensive devices now available in Montreal that claim to “get rid of fat” or “tighten skin” without liposuction, incisions, procedures, anesthesia, etc. As the testimonials will confirm, clinics pay lots of money for these “gimmicks” in order to get patients in the office. And they are happy to transfer the cost of these expensive machines to the patient. Ask for a GUARANTEE of results and see what they say ! None of these devices are PROVEN to work over the long-term. Dr. Nicolaidis uses PROVEN techniques that have stood the test of time. Liposuction in Montreal is a PROVEN technique against which all other devices are compared.

Montreal Liposuction – Anesthesia

Small amounts of liposuctioning may be done under local anesthesia with or without sedation, but larger or multiple areas usually require general anesthesia.

Montreal Liposuction – Surgical techniques

Fat is removed by inserting a small tube (cannula) through tiny incisions close to the area to be suctioned. Incisions are very small, usually about 1 centimeter long. Current liposuction techniques employ a “tumescent” technique that introduces large amounts of fluid to the area to be treated. This contains local anesthesia to decrease post-operative pain, and adrenaline to minimize bleeding. Dr. Nicolaidis often uses the Micro-Aire (vibrating) liposuction system for more aggressive fat removal.

Montreal liposuction – Recovery

Patients may be asked to wear a compression garment for the first several days or up to 3 months after surgery so that the tissue can “learn” its new shape. It is not uncommon for a touch-up to be required later to further improve irregularities or asymmetries.

Montreal liposuction – Return to work after surgery

Patients can usually return to work in just a few days, though swelling and bruising usually take several weeks to subside.

Montreal liposuction – Possible complications

Though infrequent, some complications include bleeding, infection and reaction to anesthesia. Skin numbness is to be expected and is usually only temporary. It is possible, however, for some numbness to persist or even be permanent. Occasionally, there is skin discoloration in the areas that have been treated. Irregularities of the skin surface, including depressions or wrinkling, can occur.

Montreal liposuction – Post Operative Instructions

In the first week after liposuction, be sure to :

  • Keep your dressings dry and clean ;
  • Wash with a sponge unless Dr. Nicolaidis says otherwise ;
  • Wear your compressive garments at all times ;
  • Walk at least 5 minutes every hour during the day (do NOT simply stay in bed constantly).

Your first post-operative appointment for liposuction with Dr. Nicolaidis is very important, even if you feel very well.

After the first week of liposuction :

  • You may be able to shower but avoid bathing as Dr. Nicolaidis advises ;
  • Protect your new scars from sun exposure for a total of 6 months ;
  • Continue wearing compressive garments until Dr. Nicolaidis says otherwise ;
  • In order to avoid blood clot complications, keep moving (walk regularly during the day).

Please note :

  • It is normal to have mild swelling and bruising in the area of liposuction in the first weeks after surgery.
  • For your comfort, be sure to take your pain medication as prescribed.

For an appointment or if you have questions or concerns, do not hesitate to call us.

For further information about liposuction, please click here : American Society of Plastic Surgeons